Saturday, June 9, 2012

Something Old and Something New: Up-Cycling at its Best

On a visit to a lovely little craft store (that I do not get the chance to visit often as it really is out of my way...) my little girl picked up some lovely, soft, bulky yarn that she has asked me to make her a pillow and a blanket out of for some time. The first few times I headed her off with other (read less expensive and easier to work with) yarn, but as this was yet another request, I caved. That and they were having a wonderful half off sale!
Upon the completion of the pillow, I realized that I did not have a coordinating fabric to make a pillow insert with. So, not wanting to go out, I immediately started thinking of items I had that we no longer used and might work. At first I was going to use some recieving blankets, but as I was debating which ones had a subtle enough pattern that it would not ruin the look of the large granny square pillow I made, I saw a lovely light pink crib sheet. Perfect! My little girl is now in a full bed and I know it does not matter if my son has pink sheets on his bed, I just cannot bring myself to do it, so it was a perfect up-cycle!

 Here is the crib sheet layed out before my modifications...

Not wanting to attemt with battling the elastic, and being a good little up-cycler, I first snipped a hole in the corner and pulled the elastic out. There is quite a bit of elastic in a crib sheetand it was still in excellent shape! Hmmm...I wonder what this will become (for now it is nestled in my sewing box).

Next I cut the four corners along the seem lines so I could lay the fabric (somewhat) flat. I know, I could have torn the stitches out, but for the sake of my sanity and patience, I just cut it!

 At this point, Tony came into the room to inspect my work (notice the large ball of playdough in his hand-my attempt to keep the children occupied while I worked). He proceeded to dance around on the fabric! I guess that is another idea for a piece of fabric...a stage!

 I then cut out two large squares (slightly bigger than my crochet pillow) and sewed then together, all but the last 5-6 inches. I placed the empty form into my crochet pillow and proceeded to stuff it with fiberfil.

 With a simple blanket stitch and some quilter's thread, the form was closed.

I did a qick crochet stitch to close up the crochet pillow, was approved by my best critics...the kids! You can see a bit of Tony in this picture. He loves the feel of the pillow!

It really did turn out rather lovely. Perhaps an afternoon nap is in my future...hmmm.

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