Friday, June 8, 2012

The Crochet Families Newest Editions

My daughter has been begging me to make her a crochet doll for quite awhile. One problem...I could not find a pattern that I liked and did not have the time/desire to create one of my own. Then I came accross this one ( and with a few modifications it was perfect.


I changed the face a bit... added ears and a nose. My daughter wanted button eyes, so I used the solid ones as (I can't explain it) the ones with the cross stitching kinda freak me out when they are used for eyes!

Here is the back of the hair. I cut A LOT of 12" strands of yarn, then starting at the crown, and using my crochet hook, I attached them (following the round) with a slip knot.

 Right near the completion of the first doll (for my daughter), problem number two arose... my son did not want to leave it alone. He kept sneaking it away from my daughter and carrying it around the house saying, "Baby!" Whenever she got near him (in an attempt to get it back) he would holler "No! Mine!" So... here we go again with the modifications. Issue number one with doll number two was the hair... solution=eyelash yarn.

He turned out really cute! I decided against using buttons for the dolls eys n this one as the first thing my littlee guy tried to do was pull the button eyes off of his sister's I got out the felt and got to work!  I am really proud of the way he turned out! I also used felt for the mouth as I wanted a more boyish looking mouth.

 Apparently felt is rather addictive...I just had to make a felt aplique for the little crochet 'T-shirt'. What better than a car for my little boy who loves little cars! After I completed it I realized I would soon be investing in more felt for more apliques for my crochet works in the future!

 I just had to share a close-up of his little shoes! So adorable!

Here is my little guy holding his baby! He is giving him a hug. So cute!

 My little girl loves hers too! She was snuggling with it in my chair while watching Curious George.

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