Friday, June 22, 2012

Hor Dourves Anyone?

So, we were having a little get together and I needed a quick and easy appetiser to please the girlfriends... Of course I wanted them to be pretty too. I think it is the aspiring caterer in me. ;)

The first dish I made was very quick and easy as well as healthy and delicious! It doesn't get any better than that! Here are my mini fruit kabobs:
Isn't that plate lovely?! I saw in the shop and could not resist. So bright and yellow! I also had to pick up a green, a red, and a blue one.

So, back to the kabobs... First wash and slice some strawberries into bite sixe pieces:
 Looks delicious already!

Next, slice some bananas (I used three) and place into lemon lime soda pop (this will keep them looking fresh without changing the natural flavor-you can use diet soda pop if you are worried about the extra sugar). 
Some bananas resting in the soda pop.

 Delicious, plump blueberries! Rinse these off and they are ready to go!
Finally, just take some round tooth picks and place one blueberry, a banana slice, a strawberry slice and a second blueberry(the blueberries will help to keep the other fruits from sliding off the tooth pick) onto the tooth pick. That is it! Cover and refridgerate until you are ready to serve these. I reccomend making these the day of your get together.

I do not know about your house, but it would not be a party without meat, cheese, and crackers!
This appetiser is also easy. Simply slice your summer sausage thinly and cut each round into thirds (you can use halves or quarters, but they are harder to fan out around the plate). Place the meat around the edge of your plate. Slice the cheese into squares (I used sharp cheddar ans colby jack as these are favorites at my house). Simply fan out the cheeses around the inside of your meat and the tray is ready to present!

Well, what would a party be without some sweets?! In this case cookies. I made chocolate chip pecan (can you tell they have already started to disappear?) and coconut macroons. YUM!

Really, it does not matter what you serve as long as you have fun setting it up. Hope these ideas help at your next party. Enjoy!

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