Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poncho Progress

I am really getting excited now! I have gotten some more progress done on my poncho! That is no easy feat considering that the children are not fans of me sitting down to anything for more than a few minutes! Crazy as it sounds, I feel a bit sad when I think that the day will come when they DO NOT want my attention all the time. I really think one has to be a bit crazy to be a mother anyway!
So.....with out any further are my poncho progress pics. With a little help of course!

Here is Tony giving me his 'I'm not really in the way, am I Mama?' face.

 Take two and a mischievous little grin to boot!

Not one to be left out, Sami had to get in on the photo action...literally!

Here is the side view of the poncho...kid free, well almost! LOL

Finally! My model got into her 'costume' and is so happy to show off my poncho progress with a flair that is all Sami! "Mama, I put my arms up just for you!" Of course, little man thinks she is silly too!

Sami told me she really wanted to get in on the photo action because "I dressed myself in the dress from my BEST friend Autumn and I want her to see it!" Kashi, you will have to show her.

Monday, March 26, 2012

CAL Poncho Progress with lemondedesucrette

So...I started my first CAL!
It is with and I am so excited!
I worked on it a bit today...guilty pleasure as I should have been doing something else at the time, but even I cannot focus on the mundane all the time! I really love the colors.

Here is what I have completed so far....

 Another picture, this one with it laid out 'flat'!

 My little lady got so excited about this project she started begging me for it! I explained that I am planning on making one for her when I finish mine. She was SO happy. She decided she should model mine. Although it is way too big for her, it looks so cute!

 Of corse my little man is not one to be left out! He started hamming it up for a picture too! Don't you just love the chocolate on his face...he has a bit of a Kit Kat addiction!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bag Bag (no, that is not a typo)

While surfing my facebook page awhile back, I came accross this youtube tutorial from Bobwilson123!/pages/Bobwilson123-Youtube-Crochet-Channel/145759165474278. She has inspired my creations on more than one occasion.
Here is the Bag Bag I made after watching her Bag Bag video.

This first picture is of the completed Bag Bag empty.
I made this Bag Bag in my school colors and placed it in the bathroom off of my clasroom so that we would have continuous access to plastic bags (in case of accidents).
 This is what it looks like stuffed with plastic grocery bags.

So excited about how well this turned out.

On another note, I have been busy trying to brush up on my sewing skills. I bought a new book...
One-Yard Wonders
I love this book. It is easy to follow and has a lot of really cute patterns in it. Plus, for someone just beginning, like me, the projects are rather inexpensive. The perfect way to practice!

My bestie (or perhaps ex-bestie?) was going to help me figure out the whole sewing with a pattern thing, but I have not been able to get ahold of her for a LONG idea what is going on there. Anyway, I think this book will help. I am very excited about it! I have been looking through it for the last couple of weeks and marking my favorites. Plus, I have been scoping out the local fabric stores and working up a supply of one yard swatches! I have a lot of neet fabric and my sewing machine is out and ready to go! Wish me luck...