Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Family Time

For Memorial weekend we went on a mini vacation to visit my husband's grandmother Joyce (so the kiddos great-grandmother). It is just over a four hour drive, which just happens to be close to the limit that the kids can handle without lots of whining and craziness!  Of corse we went to the park that is near her house...

Pete giving baby Tony a ride in the swing.

Pete and Tony at the top of the 'scary slide' (well, scary for Mommy anyway)!

Pete and Sami at the top of the slide.

 Sami showing some 'big boys', who showed up at the park, how it is done.

 Pete taking Tony to the top of the slide on one of many trips. :)

Big smiles all the way down!

 Tony strutting his stuff under the slide.

Sami standing on the bottom of the little slide.

 A little rest and relaxation in Grandma's kitchen. Sami helped me make a delicious dinner. She loves to make the cresant rolls!

All in all a wonderful trip! We will definately be visiting again soon!

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