Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baby Birdie Winter Crochet Accessories Pattern

Apparently Winter is going to be here sooner this year than most! We normally see 70 degree days in the Fall, but we have been experiencing much colder days here in the Midwest lately, so time to get some warm accessories made up for the baby! So, what is cuter than a little birdie theme?

 Doesn't he just look adorable in his new hat?!

Back view:
 Side view:
I used this pattern to make the hat: She made V stitches for rows 9 and 11. I omitted that step and just continued with the double crochet stitches. I also omitted the pom pom and instead took 12 6" strands of yarn and tied them to the top of my hat, then pulled the yarn threads apart to give it a 'feathery' look. For the eyes, I used 3/4" black buttons over a 1" white felt circle (remember to be extremely careful when using buttons on anything that will be used for a baby). For the beak, I used a 1 and 1/2" yellow-orange triangle of felt. SO CUTE!!!

This morning, I was looking at the hat and thinking it needed something, then it hit me...mittens! Here is my design for matching baby mittens:
You will need an H (5.00mm) hook: This is my current FAVORITE!

Worsted Weight Yarn
Felt in White, Black, and Yellow-Orange
1 yard of 1/2" ribbon
To begin, Ch 2.
Row One: 10 sc in second ch, slst into first sc, ch one. Do not turn. (10 sc)
Row Two: Two sc into each sc (20 sc)
Row Three-Thirteen: One sc into each sc, slst into first sc, ch one.
Stop after row ten and sew on eyes and beak:
Row Fourteen: One sc into each sc, slst into first sc, ch three.
Row Fifteen: Skip first sc, *dc into next sc, ch one, skip one sc*, repeat from * around. After last ch one, slst into second ch sp of beginning ch three. Ch one.
Row Sixteen: In ch space of row fifteen, *sc one, hdc one, sc one* repeat from * in each ch sp. Slst into first ch sc. Fasten off and sew in end.
Finish: Weave ribbon through holes made by dc spaces.
Cut Three 3" lengths of yarn. Fold in half and pull through top of mitten using crochet hook. Pull ends through loop made and pull tight.
Unravel ends of yarn to give it a 'feathery' look.
Baby looks SO CUTE!

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