Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Crocheters in the World

So, I have been itching to teach some more children to crochet. I have not had this opportunity for about 4 years (Sami is not quite old enough to get the hang of it, but we do practice). There are a couple of older girls (12 and 8) at my children's daycare that have shown interest in wanting to learn, so I set up a date and time with the daycare provider (Debbie) and headed over there! I was amused at how anxious I felt!

The girls were SO excited!!! They took to it like a fish to water! I am one proud teacher! We learned a slip knot, chain stitch, single crochet, and how to turn/build rows using single crochet.

For our first project, I decided to go with a simple mini messenger bag. Not too big, so quick gratification at finishing a project. Plus, it can be very forgiving.

Here is a picture of my older student working on building rows.

Here is a picture of my younger student working on her rows
Both of the girls caught on so quickly! The above photos were taken after only an hour of instruction!

Sami's idea of crocheting is telling me when to change colors and what color to change to. :) Here is the result of all 'Sami's' hard work! LOL
 We did add a button later, but this gives  you an idea of what I had the girls work on. With the girl's bags, I had them use variegated yarn instead of changing colors.

I have to share these pictures with all of you! Tony took the new tote I bought to fill with some of their toys, and hid inside it! Do you see the baby? I think Max does! From the look on Frank's face, he is NOT amused.

Sami had to get in on the action! Tony is laughing in the picture and she is not really sitting on the box, just pretending. She wanted to though! Aah, sibling rivalry! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

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