Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Time Fun and Crafting

So, my feet have been waiting and waiting and waiting for warm weather to come our way and now that it is here... LET THE FLIP FLOP WEARING BEGIN!!!

I could not find a pair of black flip flops that I loved, so I modified a pair to suit me!

 Nothing like a little bling to take boring to beautiful! The best part is I did this for about $3! How fabulous is that?!

 I also completed another bag bag, this one is for a friend/co-worker. Isn't it lovely! The pattern was a bit of a pain to figure out, but once I had it down, it went pretty smoothly. I actually frogged this project three times before I settled on a design I liked! The best part is that she loves it!

 Here is the majority of my fabric stash that I have collected so far... isn't it lovely!

What would a spring post be without some Easter pics? Here is my lovely daughter collecting eggs.

My adorable son finding an egg in the flower pot.

 Who says the fun has to be over just because the eggs are empty? Tony dumped the empty plastic eggs all over the living room floor and ran circles around them with Sami!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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