Monday, March 26, 2012

CAL Poncho Progress with lemondedesucrette

So...I started my first CAL!
It is with and I am so excited!
I worked on it a bit today...guilty pleasure as I should have been doing something else at the time, but even I cannot focus on the mundane all the time! I really love the colors.

Here is what I have completed so far....

 Another picture, this one with it laid out 'flat'!

 My little lady got so excited about this project she started begging me for it! I explained that I am planning on making one for her when I finish mine. She was SO happy. She decided she should model mine. Although it is way too big for her, it looks so cute!

 Of corse my little man is not one to be left out! He started hamming it up for a picture too! Don't you just love the chocolate on his face...he has a bit of a Kit Kat addiction!

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