Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making a comeback!

Okay, so I have not been gone from here that long... but it sure did feel like. I am not really sure why I have not blogged for 20 whole days, but everytime I visited my little bloggy world it seemed that the energy and insperation drained out of me and I lost all motivation to write a new blog post in favor of looking at all of the wonderful blogs that I have tagged! I am sure at least some of you have been there...

So, I really have been up to quite a bit lately (on top of trying to get ready for our up-coming conferences!!!) I have made at least five more cell phone holders (these are a really big hit), I completed a Minnesota University pillow for a friend, made a car pillow for a very close friend, made a bunch of up-cycled furniture for my daughter's barbie collection, and made blankets and pillows for said furniture. So, I guess I have been pretty busy....want to see?

This is my daughter's doll bunk bed and how we made it...
First I took a small flat box and cut into two equal halves. I cut a second box into rectangles that were the height I wanted the beds and would wrap around the sides of the beds by about one inch. Then I covered all the pieces in duct tape!

 I taped the pieces to gether and this is what I got!

My little girl loves it and the dolls fir nicely!

 Of corse, I could not stop there! I had to make the bed some pillows and blankets! So tiny and fun!

We also made a smaller bed for her smaller doll, a couch, a chair, a table, and two kitchen chairs. Sorry, the table and kitchen chairs are not pictured, but you can see the smaller bed in the picture above, and the couch and chair in the picture below.
All this took was a little imagination and a couple rolls of duct tape!

 As I said, that has not been my only project over the last few weeks....
Here is the maroon side of the MNU pillow I made for a friend.

 Here is the yellow side.
I really like it. I think it turned out really nice, and better yet, she really liked it! Strangely enough, that means more to me than liking it myself!

Here is the car pillow I made for a close family friend. He is really into old cars...
The front...

 The back...
I made it with an over laping flap so that the pillow form could be removed for easy washing. I think it turned out really nice and it was immediatly enjoyed by its recipient!

Hope this post was not information overload! I also have some pictures from my son's second birthday which we celebrated last weekend, but I will save those for a later post. :)

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