Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yes, it is another hat.

So, apparently I am not yet tired of making hats! My squeeze it in during the week; finish up on the weekend project has been a hat for one of my assossciates. It turned out really cute and is a design of my own, so I am quite proud of it. Her coat is the same shade of green, so I think they will go nicely together. This was also the second go for this hat as I miscalculated the size the first time around and ended up with one that is a perfect fit for my toddler. For his, I added a pom-pom to the top and left off the snowflakes.

Me 'modeling' the hat...

Another view (still me)...

I like this pattern so much. It works up fairly quickly and is quite warm.

Someone would like to say hello (Ok, a couple someones)....

This is Maxwell Smart. We call him Maxi. He is a 'Havana Brown' and I rescued him last year. He is a great help at keeping my lap warm while I 'work' at the computer, or anytime I sit down really! I do not think he was too impressed with having me take his photo.

This lovely "little" guy is Mr. Beefy. He is an old english bulldog and has been with us for eight years now. He loves to have his picture taken and will ham it up as soon as he sees me with the camera!

This is Frank or Franky as we call him. He is a Pug and has been with us for seven years. He is currently featured in his favorite spot. Nestled on my favorite blanket and 'guarding' my current crochet project! He looks sweet and innocent, but turn your back on him for a moment and he is into one form or mischief or another....reminds you of children doesn't it!

Speaking of children...

A picture of the non-furry variety.

He looks so grown up in this photo!

Little Miss painting her nails with the pretty polish brought by Santa.

I think this is his "please" face! Can you tell he likes pudding!


  1. You have been Liebstered. Check out my post to see what that means.

  2. Hi there, have just found your blog via Kashi!

    love your crochet hats.


  3. Thanks Helen! I did post a pattern for the cone hats of a previous post if you are interested in that one. :) Glad to have you join me!