Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baby Birdie Winter Crochet Accessories Pattern

Apparently Winter is going to be here sooner this year than most! We normally see 70 degree days in the Fall, but we have been experiencing much colder days here in the Midwest lately, so time to get some warm accessories made up for the baby! So, what is cuter than a little birdie theme?

 Doesn't he just look adorable in his new hat?!

Back view:
 Side view:
I used this pattern to make the hat: She made V stitches for rows 9 and 11. I omitted that step and just continued with the double crochet stitches. I also omitted the pom pom and instead took 12 6" strands of yarn and tied them to the top of my hat, then pulled the yarn threads apart to give it a 'feathery' look. For the eyes, I used 3/4" black buttons over a 1" white felt circle (remember to be extremely careful when using buttons on anything that will be used for a baby). For the beak, I used a 1 and 1/2" yellow-orange triangle of felt. SO CUTE!!!

This morning, I was looking at the hat and thinking it needed something, then it hit me...mittens! Here is my design for matching baby mittens:
You will need an H (5.00mm) hook: This is my current FAVORITE!

Worsted Weight Yarn
Felt in White, Black, and Yellow-Orange
1 yard of 1/2" ribbon
To begin, Ch 2.
Row One: 10 sc in second ch, slst into first sc, ch one. Do not turn. (10 sc)
Row Two: Two sc into each sc (20 sc)
Row Three-Thirteen: One sc into each sc, slst into first sc, ch one.
Stop after row ten and sew on eyes and beak:
Row Fourteen: One sc into each sc, slst into first sc, ch three.
Row Fifteen: Skip first sc, *dc into next sc, ch one, skip one sc*, repeat from * around. After last ch one, slst into second ch sp of beginning ch three. Ch one.
Row Sixteen: In ch space of row fifteen, *sc one, hdc one, sc one* repeat from * in each ch sp. Slst into first ch sc. Fasten off and sew in end.
Finish: Weave ribbon through holes made by dc spaces.
Cut Three 3" lengths of yarn. Fold in half and pull through top of mitten using crochet hook. Pull ends through loop made and pull tight.
Unravel ends of yarn to give it a 'feathery' look.
Baby looks SO CUTE!

What is it for?!? keeping with the designing bug, I am at it again. The latest creation was not as much of a challenge as some of the other things I have created recently as it is just a take on a crochet spiral, but it was fun to do all the same!
So, what do you think I can use this for?

I got the kids involved with the guessing game and Tony thinks it is fun to stretch, but that is not what I plan to use it for. ;)

Sami thought it might make a nice headband, but that is not what I plan to use it for.
Westley just liked shaking it, but that is not what I plan to use it is a bit closer!
Recognize this thing? Yes, the 'binker' (or pacifier, or paci, or nukki, or whatever else you like to call them). I have a serious love/hate relationship with these things in that I LOVE how they can soothe my crying baby and I HATE how they have a tendency to disappear when you need to do just that and are driving down the road or (insert other activity that prevents you from doing a binker search marathon here) and JUST NEED TO SOOTHE THE BABY until you can pull over (etc.) and help him/her out.
So, tada! No more searching.
Ok, ok, ok,  I know I could have just went out and bought a clip for this, but where would the fun be in that?!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

So many NEW things going on in our household!

Introducing our newest family addition....
Westley Robert Endris
Isn't he just the sweetest little guy?!
This is not the only thing I have been busy with (though it seems like it most of the time!). I have also been designing some new patterns.
Here is a bracelet I recently whipped up!
This is a pattern of my own design. I have been on a pattern designing kick lately.
Here is the back view...I LOVE this button!
So glad I was finally able to find a good use for it. 
Here is a picture of the bracelet laid out flat.
I have a small wrist, so this pattern is for a 6" wrist. To make the bracelet larger, simply add more SC to the button end of the bracelet.
This bracelet is made using size 3 yarn, an E hook, approx. 1" button, and 40 beads.
Row One: To start make 10 Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) chain, chain 20 while randomly adding
 in 5 of your beads, 10 FSC, chain one, turn.
Row Two: SC into first 10 FSC, chain 20 while randomly adding in 5 of your beads, SC into last 10 FSC, chain one, turn.
Rows Three-four: *SC into the first 10 SC of previous row (10 SC), chain 20 while randomly adding in 5 of your beads, SC into last 10 SC of previous row, chain one, turn.* Repeat.
Row Five: SC into the first 3 SC of row 4, chain 4, skip 4 SC and SC into last 3 SC (10 SC), chain 20 while randomly adding in 5 of your beads, SC into last 10 SC of row 4, chain one, turn. 
Row Six: SC into first 3 SC of row 5, One SC into each of the 4 chain spaces, SC into last 3 SC, chain 20 while randomly adding in 5 of your beads, SC into last 10 SC, chain one, turn.
Row Seven: SC into the first 10 SC of previous row, chain 20 while randomly adding in 5 of your beads, SC into last 10 SC of previous row, chain one, turn
Row Eight: SC into each SC of previous row, chain 2 while randomly adding in the last 5 of your beads, SC into each SC of the previous row. Tie off. Sew in ends.
Finish: Sew button onto non-button-hole end of bracelet. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mexican-Style 'Pizza'=YUM!!!

So, I was playing around in the kitchen this afternoon and a yummy idea struck! I just tried this 'pizza' and YUM!

I used:
Flat Out Flat Bread-whole wheat light (90 cal and rather big)
1/4c chunky salsa (for the 'pizza' sauce)
1/4 pkg. Hormel Canadian Bacon-Pizza Style (About 10 slices)
1/4c Our Family light Mexican style shredded cheese

Bake at 350* F until the cheese melts (really not long at all) and walla! YUM YUM YUM!   

Serving Size: Entire 'Pizza'
Calories: 225
Carbs: 24
Fat: 11
Protein: 20
Fiber: 11

Sorry, no picture. It was too yummy looking, so a picture did not get taken before it was gone!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Twenty Pound Loss Celebration Gift

After my ten pound loss celebration scarf turned out SO lovely, I thought "Why stop there?"
So...for my twenty pound loss celebration, I decided to make a lovely Queen Anne's Lace scarf in beautiful Spring colors! Also, it was an excellent excuse to try out a new pattern I had been drooling over!
Ready to see the loveliness?
Well, here you go!
Love the look on my face in this picture! I think I was concentrating on taking the picture a little too hard!

Another scarf picture from the back of the dining room chair:

A close up of the variegated section of my scarf:

A close up of the pink section of my scarf:
Isn't it absolutely lovely?!

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Ten Pound Celebration Gift...

As I began my weight loss journey it occurred to me that I should do something to celebrate my weight loss as I went along. You know, a bit of motivation to help keep me on the right track.
For my first mile stone, a ten pound loss, I decided to make myself a fall scarf. I used an Eddie Eckman pattern from her Crochet Boarders book (see below) and modified it into a scarf. 
Here is the result:
This first picture was taken right after I finished 'blocking' my scarf.

A close up:
 I think the smile on my face says it all about how much I love this scarf and how proud I was to have lost the first ten pounds!

A full shot of me wearing the scarf cowl-style. My daughter took this picture for me and somehow managed to cut off the top of my head, but get her brother's head in the picture! LOL

Now I am just playing around! I hung the scarf up in front of my draperies to show off the colors.

My scarf hanging over the back of one of the dining room chairs.
I was so excited to have some fall weather arrive the other day and I took full advantage of the lovely, cool weather by wearing my scarf to work and receiving SO many compliments. A perfect reward for all my hard work!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Have Been SO Busy....

I have been So busy lately working on ME!!!  I joined in June and I have manages to lose 41 pounds as of this morning! I only have 29 pounds to go before I reach my goal! Also, I have gone from a size 16 (that barely fit!) to a size 10 that fit perfect! These are American sizing for those of you from out of the states. ;)
Sorry for the poor quality picture, but this is a good before pic.
 The month before I started trying to lose weight...
 Right after I started losing weight. About 10 pounds down.

A full body of about 17 down.
Face shot of 40 down...

Body shot of 40 down...
I am so happy with my results so far and am excited to be nearing my goal!